The Best Places to Advertise Your E-commerce Business







Advertising is a really important part of Ecommerce and is something that needs considerable thought and effort. There are always new ways of advertising coming out but the most lucrative it seems is with social media.

Using popular social media platforms is a proven way to generate a return on investment for your business. Here are the top 6 places to invest your money in advertising in 2019:


Why should you advertise via social media?

Social media ads allow you to grow your fan base as well as your sales. You can create ads using customer content, which will be better ads for you! Social media advertising also means your money is wisely spent because you can target returning customers as well as new ones. Social media analytics also help you see which campaigns are working best for you.

Is there a limit to scalability using social media ads?

Simply put, no. With social media ads, people don’t have to search for you or your keywords, you don’t have to wait for a blog to be read. If you want to reach thousands of people in any one day, it is possible!


Important things to consider:

  1. Choose to advertise on social networks that your target customers use
  2. Choose social networks that are most accessible for your target customers
  3. Choose social networks where your customers engage actively with ads (you will need to experiment and analyze this)

Once you hit the nail on the head it becomes easy to reach your target customers. But, your advert has to be compelling and it has to be visible.


Managing your ad campaigns

You can run your social media advertising either manually, through automated software or through a hired service. It’s best to start doing them manually yourself until you are familiar with social media ads and know that they are working well for you.