Making Your Blog Work for You with Blog Marketing







What is blog marketing?

Blog marketing is a way of reaching your business target market via a blog. Not that long ago, businesses had separate websites and blogs. Today, however, the two are easily integrated, which is a great way of reaching people. Blogging is ever more popular and many people actually manage to earn money just by blogging and without having their own business beforehand.

The benefits of blog marketing

Blogging is great for marketing because the content is renewed frequently, which attracts people back! Here are some more advantages:

  1. Blogs are inexpensive (even free!)
  2. They are easy to use and even beginners can have a professional-looking blog
  3. A blog is a way of getting traffic to and from your existing website (if you have one). Giving people updates, new content, etc. means people will keep coming back (and might buy).
  4. A blog on your website improves your search engine ranking. If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) have a read about it and see how a blog can help.
  5. You can make even more money via affiliate schemes. This is by advertising or promoting products

The negative aspects of blog marketing

There are a few downsides to having a blog. These include:

  1. It is time-consuming to maintain, although there are ways around this (such as hiring freelance writers and virtual assistants).
  2. A blog needs fresh ideas – this is likely to be your biggest challenge.
  3. A blog often takes time before you see the fruits of your labor.
  4. You need to market your blog too. People won’t visit it unless they know it exists!

How to set up blog marketing

There are many steps you need to take if you want your blog to be really successful.

  1. Have a plan – what is your schedule? What are your posts going to be about?
  2. Make your blog – there are lots of free sites for this.
  3. Begin posting lots of posts straight away. Blog readers will want to see lots of posts.
  4. Market it. Add it to your social media, reach out to your followers and friends.
  5. Reply to comments on your blog (and delete anything that is a spam post).
  6. Encourage email signups through your blog.

Affiliate Marketing: What is it and can You Earn Money?

Affiliate marketing is a concept which means that you earn money by promoting other people’s products. The money you earn is like a commission if people buy the products because of your marketing.

There are benefits to both businesses and promoters. Businesses get their products more visible. You will often see influencers and people with lots of followers promoting products. With lots of followers and follower engagement, businesses can do really well.

Promoters receive a financial incentive by promoting the products. This is usually in the form of commission for every sale that happens due to their promoting skills.

Who gets involved in affiliate marketing?

Anyone with a product to sell can get involved in affiliate marketing. In fact, there are many companies that are huge that do affiliate marketing. Equally, there are sole traders with a product they want to promote and sell that get involved.

Who are the affiliates?

Usually, the promoters are individuals but they can be companies too.

How do you know if someone is promoting a product just because they like it or because they’re an affiliate?

Often, you don’t. These days, however, many promoters are much more open about things being in an affiliate scheme. You will often see influencers using the hashtag #ad on social networks when they are promoting a product that will earn them money.

What are the biggest affiliate networks around?

Believe it or not, Amazon is probably the biggest affiliate network. In fact, they have a program that allows you to promote any product that is on sale on the Amazon website.

How to get involved in affiliate marketing

There are many different ways to get involved in affiliate marketing and there is a huge range of income that people make by doing affiliate marketing. It's good advice to develop a niche. Think of an area you're interested in. Once you've thought of something, you need to start reviewing products. If you have an audience, you can start earning money through an affiliate program like Amazon's.