Computer and Technology





Technology is a broad term that encompasses the developments humanity has made over the ages from the lighting of the fire and the invention of the wheel to the stepping on the moon. Today, technology continues to propel our living standards further as our societies grow and progress at exponential rates.

The increased popularity of computers, however, has greatly narrowed down what defines technology in our everyday lives. The usage of computers has elevated the standard of technology to what wasn’t even conceivable a few decades ago. 

Computers make everyday lives easier allowing for greater efficiency in performing tasks. This may be because of the fundamental power they have to perform certain functions quickly, or due to the vast variety of software available today that helps in the user experience.



Internet and the social media revolution


One of the most significant and dominant usages of computers today would be in the form of the World Wide Web, referred to commonly as the “internet”. The internet has revolutionized how we communicate, get entertained and gain information today. Through social media platforms, communication in both personal and work environments has become as easy as a few taps on the keyboard or a few touches on the screen. This improves efficiency in work environments as less time is spent on actual physical meetings as information can be relayed digitally. In personal lives, this communication keeps a strong bond maintained between people. Computers through social media also give a different perspective to communication as thoughts and ideas and can be shared through not only text but through pictures, video, and audio as well. With regards to entertainment, Online Streaming services have become the norm for watching shows, movies, and other small videos. Both online and single-player games continue to improve with realistic life-like graphics.


Online forums and social media have further allowed for sharing for humor in the form of image and video, quickly gaining popularity. Research using computers also has its benefits. Dedicated websites, as well as online forums, contribute to gaining information. Powerful search engines help in finding exactly what one needs and can provide the user with information on certain topics, solutions to everyday problems, etc. Furthermore, digital copies of books are available which are not only convenient but are also environment-friendly as they reduce the amount of paper used.


Apart from facilitating research, computers also make everyday tasks easier. Automatic spell check helps the user in only focusing on the content rather than on spelling and grammar. Handy features like copy and paste help in improving efficiency and reduce time spent on the tasks. Task scheduling software helps in planning and time management, shopping lists can be maintained, appointments can be kept track of, etc.



Academic advances

One important application of computers is in the field of science and mathematics. Complex calculations and analysis would be time-consuming, and in some cases impossible to do so manually can easily be done using computers. Furthermore, simulation software is a much more convenient alternative to doing multiple experiments. Among the plethora of possibilities, Simulation software can be used in the field of science to predict experimental results, correct inaccuracies, fix issues, test out hypotheses, etc. In the entertainment industry, computers are used to produce visual effects which would be challenging to create in normal conditions.



Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one very interesting and especially relevant aspect of computers and technology today. Its applications range from simple search engines to self-driving cars. Smart Assistants are another example of the popularity of Artificial Intelligence and this is just the beginning of the full potential they have. Of course, while discussing artificial intelligence, the argument does come up of a potential future where humanity is dominated by robots and the consequent lack of jobs, however, the benefits of artificial intelligence are still there and ever-growing.


In conclusion, computers have greatly impacted our technology and play a large part in our everyday lives. Their involvement in our everyday lives will only increase from here. An abundance of computers in every field certainly has its benefits and conveniences. It will definitely be interesting to see the developments mankind makes in this field and how our future technology evolves.